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Steel Roof Maintenance and Cleaning

on 19/07/2021

Steel Roof Maintenance and Cleaning

Steel roofing is currently the preferred choice for most homes in New Zealand. Steel is affordable, durable, low maintenance and easily installed. Despite being low maintenance, steel roofing still needs to be looked after to ensure it meets its maximum life expectancy – which can often be over 30 years. You can take the following steps to maintain your steel roof:

  • Watch for leaves and other debris – if you have a garden, our strong Canterbury winds could blow debris up onto your roof. You may need to manually remove anything that gets deposited on your roof. Of course we advise that you wait until the wind has died down before attempting to get onto your roof!
  • Clean out your gutters – gutters can become clogged by debris that blows up onto your roof, or that drops down from over hanging trees. Clogged gutters can cause leaks as well as encouraging mould and mildew growth. You should clean out your gutters once every 3 months.
  • Monitor trees or bushes growing close to your house – branches and foliage can cause damage to both roofing and cladding if they are allowed to rub up against your house. Trees and bushes that are close to your property should be pruned back every 3 months.
  • Examine your roof – roofing is often overlooked when houses are inspected for damage. You should aim to examine your roof at least once per year to check for any signs of damage. It is also useful to check your roof after any significant weather events such as high winds or snow fall.
  • Consider your location – if you live near the sea you should examine your roof more regularly, as salt in the air could cause corrosion.
  • Wash your roof – you may think that the rain does this for you, however rain can’t reach everywhere on your roof and also it doesn’t know to pay attention to any particularly dirty areas! See below to learn more about cleaning your steel roof.

Washing your roof

The rain does a great job at washing most of your roof, however there are some areas that the rain doesn’t reach, and there may be heavily soiled areas that the rain cannot wash off by itself. For these, you will need to perform a manual clean. The areas you should monitor and may need to wash yourself are:

  • Soffits
  • Underside of gutters
  • Around chimney flues
  • Any wall cladding under eaves
  • Fascias
  • Sheltered areas of garage doors
  • Under/around television aerials or satellite dishes
  • Any areas that are prone to mould, lichen, bird droppings or debris.

A few words of warning,
When washing your roof, use caution if you choose to use a pressure washer. Pressure washing is great at removing tough dirt or lichen however it could also remove the protective coating on your roof opening it up to damage from the elements. Only ever use a pressure washer on a low setting.

Be very careful when using chemicals on your roof, as harsh chemicals could harm you and your roof! There are a range of products that are designed to be used on steel roofing, containing appropriate levels of chemical cleaners.


Be careful! Many injuries are sustained by homeowners carrying out roof maintenance or cleaning. If your roof has a steep slope, your building is 2-storey and/or you feel unsafe please don’t attempt any roof maintenance or cleaning, and seek help from a professional.

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