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Steel fascia is an integral part of a home’s rainwater system, as they provide a base on the roof into which the guttering can be attached. Roofline’s Fascia systems can be fitted with a range of spoutings to create either a contemporary or traditional finish to your roof. Roofline Metal Fascia is a classic profile with a swage design that looks great and has added strength as it is manufactured using 0.55mm steel for extra strength.

It is part of a well-designed, fascia-gutter system that is easy for the installer to work with because it uses an internal clip arrangement to affix the quad gutter.

Compliance to the New Zealand Building Code

Roofline 0.55 Fascia / 0.55 Gutter complies with the NZ Building Code when installed within the following guidelines:

  • Installed on brackets at a maximum of 900mm centres
  • With overstraps and spring clips at a maximum of 600mm centres
  • It is recommended that snowstraps be installed at 600mm centres in snow zones.

See full information on our fascia and quad spouting system.

Roofline 185 Steel Fascia


What our happy clients have to say

  • We have been dealing with Roofline for over 25 years and we have received the same top service everytime

    Mike Donnally
    Manager, MD Builders
  • We have only been dealing with Roofline for a couple of years, but now they have their new machines the quailty has been amazing. Their turnaround on Flashings is prompt and they fit like a glove

    John Donald
    Donald Builders
  • “We are always impressed with Roofline Canterbury’s outstanding service and quality of product”

    Michelle, Base Construction NZ Ltd
  • I would like to thank you and your company for the service you gave me.
    All the dealings I had with you were Great. Every thing went smoothly and you kept me in formed. I would highly recommend your company and subbies to any one.
    Thanks again

    Roger Miller
  • Great service from a friendly team. I have used them for 20+ years now and occasionally check prices and they are never bettered.

    J Cooke
  • Awesome job guys, would highly recommend no more leaking roof all the best.

    Dan & Theresa
  • Very user friendly service, samples, good product and helped with a trailer. Boom I will be back and so should you!

    Chimney Doctor
  • We use Roofline for all of our roof and flashing needs. They always deliver on time and to a high quality standard. They have great customer support and top quality service.


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