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Metal cladding and roofing – A durable choice

on 21/01/2022

Metal roofing has been used in New Zealand since the early 1800’s, and as testament to its durability there are still buildings throughout New Zealand that have their original galvanised tinned iron roof dating back to then.

While these historic buildings highlight profiled metal’s longevity and durability to meet New Zealand’s coastal conditions it should also be noted that technology advances over the years have greatly improved durability further.

Technology Advances

These advances include:

  1. Long run roofing. This allowed sheets to be cut to the required length removing the need for shorter sheets that lapped one another. These short sheets were more prone to corrosion and increased maintenance.
  • Coating the steel in a combination of zinc and aluminium improved the product’s life. The steel sheets were originally galvanised i.e., a zinc only coating.  
  • Changing from softer steel to high strength steel coil from which the long run sheets are rolled and cut.
  • Ready painted steel. This provides further protective layers to withstand even the harshest environmental assaults New Zealand’s climate can throw at it.  This tough protective layer also reduces ongoing maintenance which for any homeowner I’m sure would agree is a big plus.  

As a by-product of these advances, profiled metal sheets are now thinner and stronger, using less material to produce – a more sustainable product, as well as making the products lighter and easier to handle.


As part of the New Zealand Build Code the requirements of clause B2 – Durability is to ensure that the materials and construction methods used shall be sufficiently durable.

While this might seem a little vague, the code does go on to define that roof and wall claddings must have a life of not less than 15 years.

Longrun steel, corrugated iron, and other profiled metal products meet these requirements, and while they may have a nominal 15-year guarantee to comply with the code’s requirements, it is not unreasonable to believe these expectations will be exceeded.


Extending the life and durability of your roof can be achieved through regular maintenance. As stated above, modern longrun roofing options require less maintenance and for the maintenance that is required this can be easily undertaken, whether it be hosing down to keep clean or an eventual re-paint.


Given these durability improvements, coupled with regular maintenance there’s no reason why today’s roofing and cladding solutions won’t be around for generations to come.

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