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Homestead With A New Lancewood Roof

on 08/02/2019

Roofline was given the task to re-roof this large, two-storey, beautiful homestead and given its history and authenticity, the owner was keen to keep the original look.

Therefore, we decided that renovating the roof with Lancewood colour Corrugated Iron would be the best option to keep the classic appearance. The Lancewood shade has only been available for the last couple of years, but we now widely use it, if someone is looking for a timeless, classic but with a slight blend of modern look. To ensure we complimented the new roof, we also tailored and installed new spouting with half round external brackets, and replaced the large bull nosed veranda which also is in the keeping of the original feel of the homestead.

Roofline supplied all the roofing materials, flashings, spouting and downpipes and contracted T&R Roofing and J Roy Sprouting to take care of instalment.

T&R Roofing are one of our preferred contractors as they have a team of five installers and therefore, are able to undertake a job of this size with ease, as well as always deliver excellent work. J Roy spouting are also one of our preferred spouting installers because of their excellent delivery. We use these contractors frequently and have a very good relationship with them. We know they will do a good job and they know what we expect from them and they are also (LBP) Licensed Building Practitioners for roofing.

Once the job was completed, the client was extremely pleased with the new homestead roof. If you’re looking to Reroof your home or business, then check out our re-roofing services here.

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